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CTI can help our customers with all phases of a products lifecycle from the design phase through to end of life considerations such as the WEEE “Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment” directive.

To be able to verify the performance claims of any product it needs to be thoroughly tested this will ensure that it meets or exceeds the claims made about it. In addition to this there will be some aspects of a products performance that will require to adhere to the standards relating to product type. The standards should be achieved as a minimum in order to gain type approval for sale. The particular tests that need to be carried out will vary depending upon the part of the world that the product is destined to be sold into.

Independent testing is a method by which a manufacturer can demonstrate that their product completely fulfils its design criteria and any local, national or global standards that are applicable. Testing by a third party with no vested interest in the manufacturer is in the manufacturers own interest as it goes a long way to assuring a potential buyer that the product is likely to perform well, meet the users need in terms of durability, combined with having been tested and found to also comply with all relevant safety requirements will reassure a potential buyer that their money is being wisely invested in a product.

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Electrical and Electronic products marketed in the EU are normally required to be CE marked and as such will need to comply with the requirements of the RoHS “Restriction of Hazardous Substances” directive and also need to be tested either to both the LVD “Low Voltage Directive” and EMC “Electro-Magnetic Compatibility” directives or the RED “Radio Equipment” directive.

· Radio Equipment Directive

· Electro-Magnetic Compatibility DirectiveInspector

· Low Voltage Directive

· RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU

· WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU

· Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals Directive 2006/121/EC 

The CTI Electrical and Electronic Department has experienced professionals and advanced testing equipment. There is a safety laboratory, EMC Laboratory, 10m anechoic chamber, 3m anechoic chamber, many shielded rooms and an LED lighting products laboratory, all are strictly managed and accredited in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025. CTI assists clients with compliance for various international markets and can offer a one-stop testing service for electrical products, medical equipment, lighting products, automobile electronics, batteries and telecommunications.

As the leading third party inspection company in China, CTI has superior knowledge of both Western & Asian business requirements allowing us to meet and in most cases exceed our customers requirements.

CTI can help with every aspect and if required can assist with initial supplier selection.

FactoryOur comprehensive experience and knowledge of quality control has earned us the reputation of being the most reliable inspection service provider. We can monitor fulfilment of Purchase Orders and ensure that merchandise evaluated by us meets all specified requirements. CTI has developed excellent business relationships with companies from all around the world. We are your eyes and ears within your suppliers in China.

When dealing with any supplier it is good practice for certain checks to be in place. These may be factory related or product related.

The CTI inspection service includes:

Pre-Production Inspection
During Production Inspection
Production Monitoring
Pre-Shipment Inspection
Supervision of Loading
Other Customised Inspection Services

CTI designs the factory quality system assessment program based on pre-defined criteria, client’s requirements, then qualifies, evaluates, and improves the performance of suppliers, ensuring that the client’s quality requirements are fully understood and complied with.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

CTI provides occupational health technological services to manufacturers in China. The reports issued by our Company can be used for governmental administrative examination and approval, supply chain management and self improvement. We provide a one-stop service on occupational health to our customers including testing, assessment, consultation and training as well as governmental administrative examination and approval.

Social responsibility is a vital aspect of your supply chain as violations of workers’ rights can severely affect a brands reputation, including but not limited to: Child Labour, Forced Labour, Discrimination, Freedom of Association/Collective Bargaining, Disciplinary Practices, Harassment & Abuse, Compensation and Benefits, Hours of Work, Health and Safety, Environment, Sub-Contracting, and Homework. Whereas unfair labour practices formerly went unnoticed, the media, labour groups, and human rights observers are exposing companies who exploit workers and/or the environment.Auditor

CTI Auditing

Auditing suppliers has the benefit of ensuring that all the requirements placed upon them are being met from material handling through the production process to finished goods. Depending on the type of product this can range from verification of self-certification right through to overseeing that a full quality control process is in place and being adhered to. This process of double checking a supplier has the benefit of identifying potential problem areas that may have been overlooked when the original assessment was carried out and the resulting processes were put into place.


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